Premium Aquatics is open this 3rd Saturday of the month with some SPLENDID livestock! We have a great selection of wrasse, gobies, tangs....urchins, starfish, and new corals. This is definitely a great weekend to check us out. We have some great sales going on in the warehouse and some new scratch 'n dent products out in livestock with huge savings.

PLUS - if you bring in non-perishable foods for our Thanksgiving Food Drive you can get EXTRA savings on livestock this weekend. That's right - we will give you 2% for every canned food or non-perishable box of food so we can donate to the local mission for the holiday! There is a 10 count limit for a total of 20% off of LIVESTOCK. This weekend only, 11.16.19 from 12-3pm, so go through those pantries and pull out your non-expired goodies for those in need!

Splendid Pintail Fairy Wrasse - SUPER SALE
Katoi Fairy Wrasse - RARE and Rare Price
Exquisite Wrasse
6 Line Wrasse
Yellow-Fin Flasher

Diamond Watchman Goby
Yellow Watchman
Wheeler's Watchman Goby
Red Firefish
Tangaroa Goby
Purple Firefish - SALE
Green Clown Gobies

Squaretail Bristletooth
Powder Brown
Powder Blue
Yellow Tang
Sailfin Tang
Scopas Tang

Yellow Coral Beauty
Pygmy Cherub Angel
Yellow Angels - SALE
Female Swallowtail Angel

Full livestock availability:

We also brought in Fromia Starfish, Sand sifting starfish, Tiger Brittle and Green Brittle Stars! The urchins are looking great this week for anyone with algae, and we finally were able to get in a limited amount of Mexican Turbos! That is one good thing about the weather cooling down at least! So stop in this weekend and check out all of the goodies and new corals we brought in from you. Don't forget to show Brandon how many non-perishables you are bringing in to Pay it Forward. See you here at our little piece of the ocean....right here in Edinburgh, Indiana!!