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Thread: corals in cincy

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    corals in cincy

    Montipora - purple cap, jason fox slow burn cap, starburst, green digi, forest fire digi $25 varies
    Stylo - Purple stylo $15 varies
    Candy cane - Green and Neon yellow ($10 green, $20 neon)
    Acro - Green Slimer, Lime Elkhorn ($15 varies)
    Shroom - Jamaica Jerk Yuma (lol i names that, front bottom of pic), red, green ($75 yuma, misc others)
    Cyphastrea - Meteor Shower ($25)

    Things I can cut - Bali Trip Tip, Duncans, Birds of Paradise, misc others. I am in cincinnati I will trade but they must be healthy and pic of frag before trading.frag tank.jpg

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    I am interested in a large piece of Birds of Paradise. Can I look at what you have on Sunday?

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    BOP is not cut but I can get you one, if you are ok with fresh cut, sunday is fine.

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    Can you text me some better pics of the shrooms? 859-991-3820

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