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Thread: WTB 180 Gallon Reef Ready

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    WTB 180 Gallon Reef Ready

    Hey guys, longtime reefer and member. Not much action on the threads anymore but not sure where else to look. Jumping back in and was looking for a used 180 reef ready. I'm located in Kings Island area for local pickup. Please let me know or if you have any leads or wouldn't mind pointing me in the right direction. I would appreciate it.



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    I have a complete setup I'm thinking of selling. 180 acrylic, 40g sump, crushed coral substrate 110lbs, sand substrate 75lbs, Dry rock 130lbs, 48" LED light (32x3w LED), Mag drive 9.5 return pump.
    And backup pump, not sure on brand but it works great.
    Reef Octopus 150INT skimmer, Reef ocean box of salt 2.5 bags left.
    *Edit I think I have a mag drive 12.5 that I'd throw in too

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    If you check out the CincyReef facebook group there was a planet aquarium 150 listed from Matt or Mike which looks amazin

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