Hi Everyone!

On February 20th the newly elected BOD met with the outgoing BOD and started the transition process. During this meeting we talked for a couple of hours about the direction and the state of Cincy Reef . Itís no secret the club has been struggling for the past few years. Even with the Frag swap being well attended year after year.

I know I joined this group because of the access to the club members that have years of experience in the hobby. This experience has helped me learn how to avoid common issues and be more successful, I've also made friends along the way. Having a bigger group also helps in things like group buys, not to mention it attracts more sponsors. Having sponsors is an incredible asset, the more we support our sponsors the more they will support us. Itís a win/win scenario, I donít want to speak for all of us but I personally prefer spending my money at places who support the group. Whether it be a donation or sponsorship. But we have to have a strong membership to make it worth these businessís time and money.

With that being said, membership is the key Goal for the new Cincy Reef BOD, we a few ideas on how to achieve that goal. But we want to hear from you, Paid members what do you think we should do or focus on to attract more people to Cincy Reef , and what can the group do better for the current paid members around. (activities, group buys, raffles ect) Non-Paid members, what would you want to see that would convince you to join the group as a paid member? This is everyoneís group and we want everyoneís input on this.

The following are the key things we came up with to attract more people to the club, please give us your ideas as well. Like I said this is everyoneís group, and we want your input on everything!

  1. Making this a fun/ beneficial club for the membership should be the number one goal for everyone! (Activities, group buys, raffles) What suggestions do you have?
  2. Website, its old, outdated, and hard to navigate. There are several issues with the website that make using it a pain in the butt. So, letís do something about it. We came up with several ideas/options. Let us know what you think or if you have any other ideas. I will be working on photos of the examples I have listed below. As well as better pricing numbers in the coming weeks.
    • Update to the new version of Vbulletin
      • This would by far be the easiest, it will maintain the same older feel
      • We may also retain the same issues, as Vbulletin is a Fairly out of date software.
      • See CORA's site, they are running the updated Vbulletin suite http://corareef.org

    • Update our site to a new forum-based company to make it look new and updated
      • This would keep the feel of a forum but upgrade the look
      • The price will be higher per year
      • For an example, see https://www.reef2reef.com/

    • Move away from the old forum style and make a new website
      • We can still have forum threads, they will just have a new look and feel.
      • This will be easier to update, a lot of the of information on the current forum threads would not be transferable.
      • Here is a little something I put together real fast, but with this type of website we can do so much more while making it simple to use on PC and Cell Phones. https://jordanshouse4200.wixsite.com/cincyreef (Copy and Paste this to your browser)
      • This will be a little bit of a fresh start, kinda like hitting the reset button. but giving us tons of room to grow.

  3. Social Media , we have never really used it. Cincy Reef has had a Facebook account, but itís a user account not a group or page so the interaction with the group and community is very limited.
    • We are going to start a Facebook group and we will be making the Cincy reef current page into a business page. You will see this already happening!
    • You will see a Facebook group roll out around the 1st week of March

At the end of the day it boils down to one major thing, how do we make the current members more active while attracting new members to the Club? And that's what we are asking you, "The club" what you want to see done, and what do you think will help the club grow and be more fun and beneficial for all of us!

- CincyReef BOD