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Thread: Skimmer Upgrade (Red Sea RSK-600 Skimmer)

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    Skimmer Upgrade (Red Sea RSK-600 Skimmer)

    My old skimmer was a little loud for my 90 in my living room. So Iíve been looking for about 3 months to replace it. I saw the RSK-600 get released at interzoo last year and wanted to give it a shot!

    Itís a bit big for my current system, but I plan on upgrading to a 150 display next year. So over built for now so I can use it for a long time!

    So far so good, love the ability to change the orientation of the pump and exit. Tons of very small bubbles, and it soooooo quiet!!

    Iíll let everyone know how it works once it breaks in!


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    Let's see some goo in it
    You never know unless you ask,,

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