Premium Aquatics has a hot lineup this weekend for all you that will make your hearts throb this Valentine's weekend! We have all of the gorgeous red and pink fish and corals that will make your reef pop with color. We will be open from 12pm to 3pm this Saturday 2/16/19 and hope to see you here! Check out a few of the Valentines inspired highlights from this weeks shipment below...and as always click the link for the full availability:

Flame Angels on special this weekend for $34.99!!
Red Firefish
Flame Hawkfish
Blood Shrimp - one of our favorite shrimp!
Candy Cane Pistol shrimp - sweet to look at, not to eat!
McCoskers Flasher Wrasse
Pink Spotted Watchman Goby
Christmas Wrasse - Might not be Christmas, but this wrasse is awesome
Golden Rhomboid - who doesn't love some gold for V Day??

Other Highlights:
Regal Angel - fit for a King or Queen
Flametail Blenny
Rock Beauty Angel
Multicolor Fairy Wrasse
Cleaner Wrasse

Tons of new Corals - our tanks are packed to the gills this weekend!! Our $10 to $30 coral tank is loaded up with lots of great finds in there. Brandon always hides a few great deals in there for you to save on...can you find them?

Stop in to see us at Premium and save! We have our livestock loyalty card available at the counter and the local salt special is sure to keep extra money in your wallet. Happy Valentines Day from all of the Premium Aquatics crew!! The livestock availability will be fully updated by Friday evening. See you all this Saturday!!

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