Premium Aquatics is not letting this cold Indiana weather slow us down this week! We have a splendidly amazing livestock day planned for everyone this Saturday 1/19/ won't want to miss out on this HOT shipment. We have new corals and frags in this week at some amazing prices. Everything from favia, acan and duncan frags, to frogspawns and torches, and we even acquired 2 awesome Bounce Mushrooms. Our aqua-cultured fish have been restocked and have some great clownfish varieties as well as blennies, gobies, angels and MORE!

The wild caught fish that came in are one of the most impressive lineups we have seen in a while. Check out a few of the highlights below and click the link for the full availability. This is one Saturday you will want to bear the weather to come and see Premium's haul this week! Also make sure to pick up our new Livestock Loyalty card that is worth $25 in FREE livestock for you as our special thank you for choosing Premium Aquatics!

Angels - Majestic Angel, Lemon Peel, Flame Angels, Coral Beauties, Lemon Peel/Half Black Hybrid
Tangs - Fowleri, Lemon Tang, Yellow Tangs, Kole Tang, Tomini Tang, Lavendar Tang, 2 Spot Bristletooth
Gobies - Pink Spotted Watchman, Diamond Watchman
Blennies - Pictus, Bicolor Blenny, Lawn Mower Blennies
Hawkfish - Red Hawk, Falco Hawk, Flame Hawk
Wrasses - Peacock Flasher, Ruby Head Flasher, Splendid Pintail, Whip Fin Fairy, Sharkfin Naoko, 6 Line Wrasse
AND TONS MORE! Clean up crews were restocked as well as some urchins...

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