Premium Aquatics livestock showroom is OPEN this Saturday January 5th and would like to first off thank everyone for their patronage and support in 2018! We had another great year in the warehouse because of YOU and are thanking our local livestock customers with yet another great way to save money on our Saturdays! Premium is now launching our Livestock Loyalty Punch Card which gives you $25 in FREE livestock for the 2019 reefing season. Enjoy more savings by buying all of your livestock needs right here at Premium Aquatics! Visit the store for more details or email Brandon at for more information or to special order livestock.

Coral Beauties = only $14.99 this Saturday, while in stock only!! WOW!!
Macro Algae 4 Inch bag = $9.99
Lawn Mower Blennies = $9.99
Tailspot Blennies = $9.99

New Arrivals
Lemon Peel/Half Black Hybrid Angelfish - Amazing coloration and personality!
Midas Blenny
1 Spot Foxface
Lavendar Tang
Bangaii and Pajama Cardinals
Solorensis Wrasse - Male
Orange Back Fairy Wrasse - Wow, how colorful!
Large Leopard Wrasse
Splendid Dottyback
African Red Tip, Blue Linkia, and Marble Reef Starfish
New coral Colonies
$10 coral frags restocked and looking GREAT!
Lots of new clean up crew - crabs, urchins, and Snails

Pickup your bucket or box of Aquarium Salt that is 150g or larger and save $20 Dollars. That's right, we will take off 20 dollars on each bucket or box that is 150g or higher. You can buy in store, or use online and choose pickup and enter coupon code: LOCALSALT. Coupon for local pickup and retail orders only. Shop local and save.

Stop in to see us January 5th for some great deals in reefing!

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