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Thread: Reef Octopus 150-INT, LR and stuff

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    Reef Octopus 150-INT, LR and stuff

    Skimmer used for 4 months. Still like new.

    Full bucket of rubble rock and some very large/heavy pieces
    I would guess just over 100lbs.

    50 gpd ro. Needs new membrane.

    Bag and a half of salt.

    HOB or in sump skimmer, no pump. I think it's a Corallife ss125(there might be a pump in one of these boxes)

    Crushed coral. Full 5g bucket, half 5g bucket, 1/3 6g bucket, half 30g Rubbermaid.

    Bring your own bucket.

    $350 OBO takes it all.
    Will trade for a nice piece of driftwood or a 100g+ sump.

    Located in Miami Township near Austin Landing.
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