25% OFF Vertex RO/DI Units
(Standard and Deluxe RO/DI units on sale)
Ends EST Midnight July 31st.

10% OFF Somatic
Save 10% OFF all Somatic products. Sumps, Skimmers and accessories.
Ends EST Midnight July 31st

30% OFF Bubble Magus D8/D9 Skimmers
Bubble Magus Curve D8 DC Internal Protein Skimmer, reg 399.99, SALE $279.99
Bubble Magus Curve D9 DC Internal Protein Skimmer, reg 469.99, SALE $328.99

20% OFF Bubble Magus A5 DC Skimmer
Bubble Magus Curve A5 Protein Skimmer, reg 219.99, SALE $175.99

Aquatic Life Classic RO, RO/DI and Dual DI
10% OFF Plus Rebates
Aquatic Life Classic Dual Deionization Unit (DI,DI)
Reg 59.99, SALE $53.10 plus $8.00 rebate
Aquatic Life Classic 50 GPD, 3 Stage RO Unit (S, C, RO)
Reg 119.99, SALE $109.99 plus $10.00 rebate
Aquatic Life Classic 100 GPD, 4 Stage RO/DI Unit
Reg 149.99, SALE $139.99 plus $15.00 rebate
These prices are in effect until Midnight 7/31/2018