The tanks are packed once again here at Premium Aquatics! We have gobies, blennies, tangs, wrasse, damsels, cardinals and the list goes on this week. Stop in to save big on our $9.99 Specials...the clown gobies and tail spot gobies will not last long at that price. Our doors open at 12pm on 7/28/18 so stop in to see us!

New Arrivals
Koran Angel
Royal Gramma
Starry Blennies
Bicolor Foxface
Pelewensis Butterfly
6 Line Wrasse
Assorted Clown Gobies
Rose Bubble Tip Anenome

$9.99 Specials - Hurry IN!!
Tail Spot Blennies - 2 available
Clown Gobies
Lawn Mower Blennies
Fighting Conchs
Pajama Cardinals

Last Week's Standouts
Purple Tang
Powder Blue
Aussie Elegance Coral
Flame Angel
Kole Tang

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