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Thread: Question from a Newbie Reef keeper!

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    Question from a Newbie Reef keeper!

    Hey everyone!

    I hope your weekend is going well! As I keep learning one thing Iím still having issues figuring out is proper skimmer setup. Iíve put it at the right water level and I was wondering if the skim-mate in the attached photo is about right. Or is it too wet/ light?

    Thanks for your help!

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    It depends on what you’re goal is for the skimmer. You can skim dryer and export less nutrients, or skim wetter and that could be used to dose Kalk in your ATO to bump up elements.

    To me it looks a little wet.

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    I second the too wet
    You never know unless you ask,,

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    I like to skim so that you can start to see the scum line build up about half way up the neck of the skimmer. Your neck looks pretty clean so you could probably back it down some. All tanks are different so i might take some time to dial in what works best on your tank. If you skim wet you just have to keep a close eye on your salinity as you will be taking out salt water but topping off with fresh.

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