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Thread: Unconventional Reef

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    Unconventional Reef

    Hello everyone, my name's Tyler from Goshen. I have been into reefing for a few years now, currently running a 210 gallon with 60 gallon sump and 40 gallon refugium. Due to space restrictions with a growing child I'm needing to downsize so hopefully I won't have that one soon but will get between a 60-90 gallon cube. I do have a little more unconventional type of reef set up and getting growing though.

    Tank: 0.75 Gallon Vase
    Heat: Candle Warmer
    Circulation: Air Pump
    Lighting: ABI LED
    Dosing: None

    Still needing to put coral in but wanting to put some really unique stuff in it and just have not found any for sale yet.

    I aslo have one that's not salt but brackish for Opae Ula (Hawaiian Red Shrimp)

    Tank: 1 Gallon Fish Bowl
    Heat: None
    Circulation: None
    Lighting: None
    Dosing: None

    Always open to more ideas for setting up more unconventional types of reefs. Thinking about setting up a 5 gallon glass jug for a reef, need to find a jug and when I do figure out how to make it work.

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    Those are unique for sure. I was looking into the passive heating by those candle warmers, have you checked to see what the temp runs at?

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    I have never turned it on and left it on so I'm not sure what's it's max temp would be. I have it connected to an Inkbird temperature controller that turns it on and off for me, keeping the temp at 78

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