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Thread: Selling 120 Complete Reef Tank

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    Selling 120 Complete Reef Tank

    Thinking about selling my 120 reef tank with canopy that has been setup for 11 years. For those of you who are getting into the hobby this is what I would recommend. It runs great and has all type of growth that has developed all over the glass of the tank. It is seasoned and is I find low maintenance, with the exception of cleaning the inside of the glass which is normal depending on how long you leave the lights on and their level of intensity.

    In the basement i have a 60 gallon well developed refugium, sand, mud, greens, 40 gallon sump with skimmer, 2 pumps, heater,
    I also have extra rock, and tons of accessories.

    I have a 1 purple tang, 2 yellow tangs, 8 clowns, 3 rose anemones, Cardinal and about 100 lbs of rock. The rose anemones, split all the time. I have seen the clowns lay eggs before. 1 carpet anemones that I have had for 15 years. He / she is awesome. Goby sand sifter, Fully grown Sailfin, 12 year young angel, bumble bee snails,
    My suggestion is for you to come out and personally see it. It is up and ready.


    Michael Sutter

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    I would buy one of your yellow tangs if you want to sell one... thanks

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