Premium Aquatics will be closed on June 16th for Father's Day, so make sure to stock up this weekend everyone! We are offering 20% off fish and corals this Saturday 6/9 from 12-3pm. Premium brought in some great looking euphyllia this week, as well as some really nice zoanthid frags. Check out some of the awesome finds below and click the link for the full livestock availability.

NEW this Week - and 20% OFF!!
Flame Angel
Midas Blenny
Rock Beauty Angel
Yellowhead Jawfish
Whip Fin Fairy Wrasse
Orange Back Fairy Wrasse

Standouts and Deals
Clown Trigger (M/L) on Sale for $69.99
Fiji Christmas Wrasse
Midnight Ocellaris Clownfish on Sale for only $20
Pink Tip Elegance Coral
Marble Reef Starfish
(sale prices above do not qualify for additional 20% off)

LOCAL Pickup COBALT TANK SALE!! Thinking of upgrading tank size? Or maybe you are looking for an all in one, easy to maintain reef system? Pick one of these low iron, all in one systems before they are sold out. Subject to hurry in this Saturday.

We have lots of great deals in the warehouse right now as well. Check out all of the other savings below by clicking the link!
20% off Salifert test kits
50% off of Easy Reef Food and Phyto
50% off of Seapora Powerheads
50% off of Innovative Marine Reactors
Real Reef live rock - LOCAL pickup special this Saturday ONLY at 20% off also!!

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