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Thread: Aquashella 2-Day Expo & Frag Swap (Chicago, Illinois) - August 18 and 19, 2018

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    Uri Garduno - Live Painting Session 10:30 AM
    Jacob Mansbach - How to Make Your Own Bounce Mushroom 11:30 AM
    Sutan Ari Dallas - The Past, Present, and Future of the Indonesian Coral Trade 12:30 PM
    Michelle Hoffman - Trotter High Definition Journey Through the Ocean 1:30 PM
    Joleena Jewell - Public/Private Collaboration for the Future of Fish Conservation 2:30 PM
    Maia Davidson - Lets Talk About Sex and Babies - Breeding in a Public Aquarium 3:30 PM
    Raphael Campos - Watch Raphael from RC Studios Paint in Real Time! 4:30 PM

    Paul Poeschl - How to Train Your Fish While Breeding Black Piranhas 10:30 AM
    Rachel Fogle - Painting Reef Animals 11:30 AM
    Matthew Stevenson - Extreme Aquarium Design 12:30 PM
    Mark Vera - Nutrition and Nutrient Control in the Captive Aquarium 1:30 PM
    Raj Shingadia - 13 Reasons Why 2:30 PM
    Scott Crowe - The Life of a Local Fish Store (LFS) Entrepreneur : The Past Present and Future 3:30 PM
    George Makrakis - 50 Stores in 5 Days, U.K. Edition - How to Edit a Film 4:30 PM


    AquaPros - Michael Doobie
    Aquarium Co-Op - Cory McElroy
    Challenge the Wild - James Moreland
    Coralfish12G - George Mavrakis
    Creative Pet Keeping - Kasia Blasik
    Dustin's Fish Tanks - Dustin Wumderlich
    Flip Aquatics - Robert Lupton
    Innappropriate Reefer - Mok-Yi Chow
    L.R. Bretz Aquatics - Lucas Bretz
    Marine Depot - Robert Farnsworth
    Melev's Reef - Marc Levenson
    Prime Time Aquatics - Jason Adams
    Radical Reefs - Kenneth Carey
    Tidal Gardens - Than Thein
    Twin Cities Guppies - Keng Lee


    Ashley McDonald
    Betty Leone
    Caitlin Lee (Reef Musings)
    Heip Hong
    Katarzyna Gruza
    Kris Kazlauskas (Koral Kreations)
    Michael Vargus
    Michelle Renee Albright (Bombchelle Creations)
    Rachel Fogle (Reef Weeds)
    Raphael Campos (RC Studios)
    Rick Corriera
    Tori Martin
    Uri Garduno (UReefOgraphy)


    Art Commisso - Professional Aquascaper
    Cory Hopkins - Professional Aquascaper
    Hiep Hong - Professional Aquascaper
    John Pini - Professional Aquascaper
    Marvin Lo - Professional Aquascaper
    Shawn McBride - Professional Aquascaper


    Peter Cherrick Aquashella Radio

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    The Aquashella 2-Day Expo & Frag Swap (Chicago, Illinois) is just 2 Days Away !!!!!!!!

    Invite all of Your Reefing Friends ​​

    Saturday, August 18
    Sunday, August 19

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    Had a Great Time at Aquashella !!!!

    So Much to See and Do.

    Big Thanks to George and Shawn for Hosting the Show and Everyone Else that Helped Out.

    Can't Wait for It Again Next Year

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