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Expiration date on these is 11/2018 and 12/2018. It's an excellent freeze dried shrimp. Since it's freeze dried it should last for years if kept dry, but they often put an artificial date for importing into US customs. So you can save 50% and still have an excellent staple food for your fish and corals.

50% OFF Easy Reefs Phyto Gel Packs
Expiration date on these is 06/2018. It's an excellent freeze dried shrimp. Easy Booster is a Liquid phytoplankton packed into separate single dose packets. Since it's foil packed, they should last past the expire date, but we would recommend using up by the end of the year. Available in a 14 and 28 pack box. 1 Packet is good for up to 80 gallon tanks, so goes a long way. For smaller tanks, use part of the pack and then put left over opened packs in the refrigerator

Aquatic Life Smart Buddie Booster Pump for 50-100 GPD Reverse Osmosis Systems
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