AquaFX Acrylic Media Reactors
AquaFX is proud to release the new design of our popular fluidized media reactor line. These high capacity reactors are made of an industrial grade acrylic with CNC machined parts and pieces. Available in 12" and 18" sizes.

ME Coral Fish Food Pellets
ME Fish Food is a highly nutritious,easily digestible, SOFT & MOIST, slow sinking pellet. Packed with Vitamins and Astaxanthin for enhancing Fish Coloration and Growth.
Two pellet sizes available. 1.2mm and 2.4mm, both come in a 2.8oz container.

AquaFX ROX .8 Carbon Media (.75 lb Jar)
AquaFX has hand selected this extruded carbon for the best removal of unwanted Organics, pigments, and odors from your salt or freshwater tank aquarium. The large and small site porosity of this carbon makes it an ideal candidate for aquarium applications.

FritzPRO RED RPM Salt Mix - 200 Gallon Box - High ALK Formula
Same great benefits from RPM's original formula Plus higher alkalinity for increased SPS growth in higher nutrient aquariums!

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