The Indiana weather is heating up and so is Premium Aquatics this weekend! We have turned up the heat in our livestock room with our wild caught fish selection. Check out the list below with everything from Flame Angels, Flametail Blennies, and Firefish!! You can surely find that special gift at Premium Aquatics to light up your reefs. Stop in this weekend from 12pm to 3pm for all of great deals and new selections.

We will be giving all of the special reefing mothers out there 10% off their LIVESTOCK purchase this weekend. So stop in to celebrate and spruce up those reefs while you are at it!

HOT New Livestock Arrivals
FLAMEtail Blenny
FLAMEback Angel
Purple FIREfish
Red FIREfish
Hooded FLAME Wrasse

Other Livestock Standouts
Clown Trigger - Medium sized beauty on sale for $79.99
White Cheek Tang - a Gorgeous hybrid you must see in person
Blue Hippo Tang - Only 1 Available Medium sized Dori....HURRY IN!
Orange Stripe Bristletooth - Newer Addition to the Hobby and so Pretty!
Lineatus Clown Tang - a beautiful addition to a large reef tank
Tono's Fairy Wrasse - a Mother's Day hit for sure!

Specials and Sales
Aquacultured Mis-Bar Ocellaris Clownfish - ON SPECIAL for $5
Aquacultured Ocellaris Standard Clownfish - ON SPECIAL for $10
ALL Reefing Mom's who make a purchase will receive 10% off LIVESTOCK purchases this Saturday 5/12....(Liverock and already discounted items not included)
Macro Algae 4 inch bag only $9.99
ULTRA Rock Nems on Sale for $44.99!! Normally $54.99 each

This is an awesome time for anyone looking to upgrade tanks, swap out equipment, or pick up something you always wanted at a discount. We have so many clearance and open box items we have ordered in more shelving! Stop in this weekend and save big on all of your favorite brands.

Check them all out below:

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