Spring finally feels like it is upon us here at Premium Aquatics after months of waiting! So it is now time to do some spring cleaning in our livestock room. We have some great deals this Saturday for the reefing community to take advantage of from 12 pm to 3pm tomorrow. Check out the livestock specials below to take advantage of the savings. We have that special something waiting for you this weekend...so come in to Premium Aquatics and help us with our Spring Cleaning!

Great Wild-Caught Fish Lineup this Week
Pixie Hawk
Falco Hawk
Toby Puffer
Orange Stripe Bristletooth Tang - NEW!
Pinstripe Melanarus
Klausewitz Blenny
and lots More!

In Store Specials and Deals
25% off of our coral frags in our 1st tank
10% off coral colonies
$25 special on PA Pod and Phyto Combo Pack
Panamic Barnacle Blenny Trio Only $49.99
Eibli Angel $25 on Sale
Coral Beauty Angels $25 on Sale

$9.99 Specials
Lawn Mower Blennies
Fighting Conchs
5 count Turbo - Mix or Match Mexican, Chestnut or Zebra

Don't Forget to Check out our Stunning Captive Bred Seahorses!!
These beauties are trained to eat frozen mysis shrimp right from our Premium Aquatic Seahorse feeder. They are such a treat to watch everyday here at the shop. Seahorses do require specialized care and pristine water conditions. Email Brandon with any questions regarding these amazing creatures. We currently have both Dark Saddled Erectus, and Yellow Lined Erectus in stock....get yours today for $99 each!

Clearance Section and Steals
We don't like it when our products or boxes get damaged in shipping, but you might enjoy the savings!! Check out the deals below and grab them up before your neighbor does:


Save big on brands like Fritz, Kessil, Hydor, Bubble Magus, AI, JBJ and MORE....