Premium Aquatics has been on a roll lately with beautiful fish and corals, and this week is no different! The tanks are stocked to the gills with an absolutely gorgeous array of fish this weekend. We have some great specials as well for you all to enjoy. So make room in those reefs this weekend because Premium Aquatics is saving you DOUBLE the taxes this Saturday on all Wild Caught or Tank Raised Fish in Stock! Yep, thats right - save an extra 14% off of our everyday low prices! Check out the huge list below of deals and specials below.

Livestock Specials this Week:
$9.99 Lawnmower Blennies
$49.99 Panamic Barnacle Blenny Trio
Coral Beauties only $24.99 this Saturday
$9.99 Chaeto Special for 4 inch bag full! Normally $15
1 Flame Angel available at $39.99
Blood Shrimps $19.99 on Special - Only 3 available at this price!
1st Coral tank 25% off this Saturday - Normally priced $10 to $30
(deals and specials above are not to be combined with 14% off offer)

New Arrivals:
Midas Blenny
Orange Stripe Bristletooth
Kole Tang
Pixe Hawk
Yellow Coris Wrasse
Purple and Yellow Chromis
Clean up crew - time for you to restock?

Additional Awesome Stock This week!! Check these out:
Clown Tang
Copperband Butterfly
Longnose Butterfly
Emperor Angel
Red Stripe Eibli Angel
Koran Angel
Scopas Tang
Niger Trigger
Blue Throat Trigger
Small Volitan Lionfish

NEW Euphyllia Frags (Hammer, Octospawn, Frogspawn)
Aussie Favia Brain Corals
Pink and Yellow Feather dusters
Chalice Corals and more!

Don't forget to check out the Sales and Clearance items online before you stop in. We have some amazing deals for just having an open box. Check them out below and add to your savings this weekend. These all can be shipped for free with an online order of $75 as well! See you this Saturday 4/21/18 from 12pm to 3pm for the 14% off tax savings on all of our in stock fish!!