Premium Aquatics has a great selection of corals and fish once again this week! It has been a few weeks since Premium Aquatics brought in new corals and man did we score big. We have brought in new Aussie Brains, Colorful Chalices, Euphyllia frags, Zoanthids, Orange Yumas, and more this week. And if you are looking for a beautiful show Angelfish for your tank...this is the weekend for you. Stop in to see us from 12pm to 3pm this Saturday 4/14/18 and check them all out!

New Arrivals
Clown Tang
Diamond Watchman Goby
Scissortail Goby Trio
Royal Grammas
Aptasia Eating Filefish
Neon Dotty
Falco Hawk
Plenty of Inverts restocked this week...
Harlequin Shrimp - asterina starfish problem? Not anymore ;v)

And lots of NEW Coral Colonies and Euphyllia Frags gotta see these!

The Angels of the Reef
Coral Beauties - 3 in stock and great colors
Koran Angel
Emperor Angel
Red Stripe Eibli Angel - the tiger striped Centropyge
Lemon Peel Angel
Flame Angel - 1 left at $39.99

$9.99 Specials
Red Firefish
Bicolor Dottyback
Orange Spotted Goby
Fighting Conchs

PLUS - 20% off of all Coral frags in the first Tank. Normally priced $10 to $30 each

Click the link below to access the full livestock availability for this week:

We hope to see all of you this Saturday from 12pm to 3pm for some great deals!! We just added some more damaged boxes of salt out in the BIG on your favorite brands. Check out all of the new open box items being added below....we have some amazing savings to be had just for a ding in a box!