New Cobalt Aquatics C-Vue Aquariums
Cobalt Aquatics is proud to announce the arrival of the most advanced all-in-one aquariums on the market - The C-Vue series aquariums! C-VUE all-in-one aquariums are the ultimate base platform that beginning hobbyists and hardcore fishgeeks alike can use to create any aquarium style they desire, from discus, to dwarf cichlids, reef tanks or even planted aquariums.Sizes: 18g, 26g, 40g and 45gallon. Matching Cabinet Stands and Glass Lid's available as well.

Neptune Apex Base Unit
Reg 399.95, SALE $349.95
For those of you with the older Apex Classic, now you can buy the BASE unit only and upgrade your system to thenew Wifi Apex. This Apex Base Unit is fully compatible with all Apex modules and accessories including the Energy Bar 8 and Energy Bar 4. All of the calibration solutions for pH and salinity will also be included with the Apex Base Unit.

Neptune Energy Bar 832
For those of you upgrading with the Base unit, you can use your EB4 and EB8. If you want to get the most benefits out of the new Apex, be sure to checkout the 832 Energy bar which is exclusively designed for the New Apex WIFI unit.

IceCap 1k Gyre Flow Pump
Today we are taking a look at the IceCap 1k Gyre Flow Pump available at Premium Aquatics.

Similar to the Maxspect Gyre flow pump, the IceCap 1K is capable of generating the iconic GYRE water movement within small aquariums without breaking the bank. Single magnetic mount makes the pump simple to install. Comes with single side cap for a more compact "single propeller" operation for small nano tanks. 5 Controllable flow modes and programable 24hr flow period.

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