New Cobalt Aquatics C-Ray LED
The innovative C-Ray lights incorporate high output chips, fill light strips, and circular halo moon lights to provide strong, evenly distributed PAR output in one full spectrum, controllable array. Providing up to 500 PAR at 200 watts,
the C-Ray 200 can cover tanks up to 48" long with beautiful, crisp light.

New Mounts for the
AquaticLife Hybrid Mounting System
8 New rails/mounting options for the Hybrid system now available.

Fresh Batch of Live Phyto & Tigri Pods
Sustainable Premium Reef Blend (formerly known at DT's) is a blend contains three nutritious species of algae and diatoms; Nannochloropsis oculata, Phaeodactylum tricornutum and Chlorella with a cell size from 2-20 microns.

25% OFF, Only $119.95
Vertex Standard Puratek RO/DI
As you can see, Vertex Standard unit really stands out on features and price.
Sale ends 3/31/2018

25% OFFSomatic UF-1 Media Reactor
Reg 49.99, SALE price only $34.99
UF-1 Fluidized Media Reactor is an up-flow reactor designed to be used with carbon, GFO or bio-pellets. The UF-1 comes ready to plumb and installs using the hang on back mount or on a flat surface.
Sale ends 3/31/2018