Premium Aquatics is back at it again this week with a great shipment of fish, inverts and corals this week! We have brought in some really cool livestock at some really great prices you would expect. The standard tank mates such as firefish, bangaii cardinals and yellow tangs are all in stock! But check out the list below of specials, sales and unique fish and inverts this will want to make it here this Saturday 2/10/18 from 12pm to 3pm.

Here are the local pickup specials for this Saturday:

Fighting Conch or Tiger Conchs on Special for only $6.99
2 available Male McCosker Wrasse at only $19.99 this Saturday!
1 available Flame angel at $42.99
1 available Blue Fin Watchman Goby at $23.99
Multicolor Angel at $49.99!! That's a great deal! These are for a FOWLR tank but such a beautiful angel.
Pinktail Trigger - Medium sized, beautiful! on special for $37.99
Coral Frag Tank - $10 to $30 coral frags are 20% off this weekend!

Plus, check out these other awesome arrivals below or click on the link for a full list!

NEW STOCK This Week:
Formosa Wrasse - priced great and a stunner!
Red Serosa Dottyback - Way Cool!!
Saddleback Butterfly - Such a neat fish!
African Red Tip Starfish
Green Clown Gobies
Red Firefish - cheap and active fish!
Copperband Butterfly - Aptasia issues? Not anymore!
Multicolor Fairy Wrasse
Walking Dendro - Say what? Yep..this coral will move locations in your reef!

We hope to see you this Saturday at Premium Aquatics from 12pm to 3pm! There are lots of great deals above for you to take advantage of, as well as many dry goods that are marked way down as well! Check them out here: