GHL KH Director
The new KH Director. Monitor, maintain, and control Alkalinity with ease. Available in white or black. These are in stock and ready to ship, but inventory is extremely low.

AI Prime Freshwater LED's are HERE
We finally have the new AI Prime freshwater LEDs in stock. Available in black or white. These are excellent lights for freshwater planted tanks or anyone that wants a really powerful refugium LED.

New NYOS Foods
3 New Liquid Foods from NYOS (Artemis, Chromys & Goldpods)
5 New Dry Foods from NYOS (Sweet Aloe, True Algae & Wild Goji)
Instant Plankton & LPS Power coming next week.

Cobalt Aquatics Mini-MJ
The Cobalt submersible Mini-MJ adjustable water pumps feature a compact design and smart power cord location that allows them to be easily placed in tight spots, including nano filtering systems, reactors, water features and other unique applications like terrariums and paludariums.

IN STOCK + 2 New Sizes
This incredible food just got 2 new sizes for those big tank guys out there. We now have a 100 gram bulk size and a HUGE 1000g bulk box as well. All sizes are in stock and ready to ship.