Premium Aquatics has a great lineup of unique livestock this week you gotta come check out! We have some great deals to pass along this weekend, as we will be closed next Saturday February 3rd. So make sure you take advantage of the savings and stop in and take a look at the cool stuff we got in just for you this week!

Specials and Deals:

Scarlet Red Leg Hermits 4 for $10 (usually $3.99 each)
Small Blue Green Chromis only $5 each
Bangaii Cardinals $15 each

>Snapping Shrimp in stock or Mantis Shrimp are HALF OFF
>Buy any 4 frags - get ONE FREE (of equal or lesser value)
>10% off of ALL Fish - Wild or Aquacultured, Take your Pick!!
>Coral Colonies 15% off this weekend
(can not double discount)

New Arrivals - Gorgeous Stock:

Pinktail Trigger
Yellow Eye Kole Tang
Matted Aptasia Eating Filefish
Blue Dot Toby Puffer
Costa Rican Hogfish
XL Panamic Cortez Starfish
Lubbocki's Wrasse
Christmas Fijian Wrasse
Blue Sapphire Damsels - these eat flatworms!
Clean up crews
and Lots MORE!!

ALL THE ABOVE FISH ARE 10% off this weekend

We have lots of great deals on tanks, sumps and drygoods out in the livestock showroom as well. If you are looking for a tank, now is the time! We have 3 Innovative Marine 25g Lagoon's that are discounted for being open box, and even a 25g Lagoon with a stand that is ready to add water! We have Bashsea and Trigger sumps with deep discounts, discontinued sand, and even salt at great buys for having damaged containers. Stop in and Save this weekend and help us clear some room so we can bring out more deals next month!

We hope to see you all here this Saturday, 1/27/18 from 12pm to 3pm! Now is the time to stock up on inverts and corals as we will be closed on February 3rd.