Premium Aquatics is having a Year End Livestock Clearance Sale this Saturday 12/30/2017. Ring in the New Year with great savings here in the livestock showroom, as well as our fully stocked warehouse! Due to the extreme cold weather this week, we chose not to restock our tanks as normal. We are a little lower stock than usual....but we still have a nice selection of livestock at great prices to take advantage of! CHECK OUT THESE SAVINGS BELOW!!

40% off of ALL FISH - Wild or Tank Raised....that is an awesome deal!
40% off of ALL Coral Colonies or frags in stock (does not include online tank)
<inverts and anenomes do not apply to this sale due to our everyday low pricing>

AND to help us clear out even more frags - Let's do BUY 2 Frags at retail price, and get 2 FREE!!! We have a LOT of $10 to $30 frags in stock right now.

But that is not all reefers....we have 15% off of our non-MAP protected dry goods in our warehouse as well! Take advantage of the savings on GFO, Carbon, DI resin, AquaFX, RedSea and Seachem products and LOTS LOTS MORE!! Now is the time to stock up on your additives, filtration and hobby needs! Put those gift certificates to use and save big this weekend.

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