It has been a great summer here at Premium Aquatics! But just because the summer is officially over now, that doesn't mean the selection or savings stop here. We have had yet another amazing shipment of fish and inverts this week here at the shop...from the common gobies to the rarely seen Guam Chromis and we have some awesome deals! Here are just a few of the awesome finds this week here at Premium Aquatics:

Guam Chromis - These beautiful damsels are not pugnacious like other damsels!
Magnificent Foxface
Panamic Barnacle Blennies
Orange Spotted Blenny
Orange Spot Filefish
Tono's Fairy Wrasse
Tiger Wardi Watchman Goby
Starry Blenny and lots MORE!!

End of September Super Fish Specials - 9/30/2017

New arrival Coral frags - 2 for $25 this weekend!

Flame Angels -- $39.99 and only 2x available
Red Sea Small Purple Tangs-- only $99.99, only 2 available at that price!!
Yellow Watchman gobies - 3 available at only $9.99 each
Tracy's Demoiselle damsel pair - $34.98...very unique damsels uncommon to the trade!
6 Line Wrasse - $24.99 each

We are stocked up with chestnut turbos, zebra turbos, scarlet hermits, yellow or red leg hermits...we have urchins, serpent stars, blue knuckle crabs and tons of margarita snails!! If you have been slacking on your aquarium work this hot is the time to put a new clean up crew to work! Come and see us this Saturday from 12pm to 3pm and stock up on some summer end sales here at Premium Aquatics!!

Remember no raincheck or holds
Saturday hours 12-3pm