ELOS Test Kits & Additives
30% OFF Entire line of ELOS. Very limited supply, get your order in quickly before they sell out.

Seapora AquaPulse Powerheads
Strong suction cup mount with adjustable angels. 3 sizes from 1320gph to 5280gph. These are very small size for the amount of water flow they produce. They offer a nice budget alternative for those that just need some water movement. Starting at only 16.99 to 32.49, you just can't beat the price.

ATI 6-Head Dosing Pump
The new ATI auto dosing pump offers you the opportunity to dose 6 individual solutions simultaneously. It is ideal for the dosage of general care systems like the ATI Essentials.

ATI Essentials & Elements
The ATI line of water treatment products is a comprehensive care system for your aquarium. Use ATI Essentials to work smarter, not harder, and supply all essential elements to your tank in one system. Let us do the math and chemistry for you, and get the most complete water test with our mail-in ATI Labs program, and use your results as a recipe for success to fine-tune your aquarium using ATI Elements for maximum coral health and growth.

West Mariculture Tonga Branch Frag Rock
7 different styles to choose from. Offers a unique shape and look to hold your new prized frags.

Neptune LDK Leak Detection Kit
The LDK includes everything you need to enable your Apex to detect leaks in two locations and expandable up to 4.