The summer might almost be over, but that doesn't stop Premium Aquatics from having the hottest livestock around!! We are super excited to offer a few rarities in the industry this weekend for our customers. There is only one of each of these next fish available, so hurry in to grab them this Saturday 9/16 from 12pm to 3pm!

Yellow Zoster "Pyramid" Butterfly - this beautiful fish is a reef safe butterfly that gets upwards of 7" at full growth. We recommend a 125g or larger with the availability to feed multiple times a day. They are a planktonic eater, but will accept frozen and flake foods as well! $44.99

Dracula Goby - Have you ever seen one of these fish in person? We sure haven't, and that is why our friends at Quality Marine held one specifically for Premium Aquatics. We recommend a 20g or larger aquarium with plenty of sandy areas and places to burrow. This fish is upwards of $149 elsewhere...but not here - we have this awesome goby listed at $99.99 for the weekend!!
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Here are a few more common fish for you to snag up at amazing deals!!

6 line wrasse - on sale for $24.99
Starry Blenny
Yellow Tangs - these are fat and happy, get them before prices end up going up!
Red or Purple Firefish, Falco Hawk, Bursa Trigger, Valentini Puffer, Foxface, Kole Tang, Naso Tang, Tono’s Fairy Wrasse, and many more!! We are stocked to the rims with gorgeous fish for you this weekend!!

We also had an amazing shipment of choice Ultra Corals come in this week as well! Come in to check out our Gold Torch colony, Red Open Brains, Ultra Pink or Green Goniopora, or even our Tongan Green and Orange zoas!! Check out this list of awesome fish and deals above and we hope to see you this weekend!

Remember no raincheck or holds