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Thread: Wtb rock, salt, etc

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    Wtb rock, salt, etc

    I'm getting back into the hobby after 5 years away. I'm start ing from scratch so Looking for everything.

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    I have rock.

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    Back in myself after 3 years out. I have a bran new kalkwasser stirrer reactor, just bought that i'm not going to use. if interested 513-509-8636. I saved a lot of things to re enter the hobby, Let me know what u need, I may have a lot for you. I have some dry rock as well. been out of water for about a month now, Hey check out the new diy chaeto reactor capabilities instead of gfo reactor on bulk reef supply. You may prefer.
    Anything I can help u with, don't hesitate to ask. some things have changed for the better, but, careful of the new LED lights I wound up using my T5s and the new leds. Good luck, Nancy
    Half the fun is creating and building it!
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