Premium Aquatics has a few great Saturday Specials for you to check out this beautiful Indiana weekend! Make the drive and catch a few awesome deals on these fish tomorrow. These are priced to move and would be a great addition to any tank!!

Sale Specials for 6/10/2016
1) Chocolate chip starfish $4.99 - plenty available!
2) Purple Firefish $19.99 each
3) Large Red Sea purple tang (located in the coral system) for $99
4) Red Banded hi-fin/Candy pistol shrimp PAIR - $34.99
5) Tracy's Demoiselle Damsels $22.99 each
6) Fancy longfin Clown - 1x left....$79.99

To continue the savings this hot weekend...Premium Aquatics will be offering 40% off of any ONE coral. Had your eye on a cool scoly, or maybe a goniopora colony here lately? Come and grab it at 40% off while you can!! No other discounts available on corals...if you purchase 3 corals, pick one that you want to take 40% off of!! See you all tomorrow from 12pm to 3pm.

Available Livestock List: