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Thread: Any Structural Engineers out there?

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    Any Structural Engineers out there?

    Hi Everyone -

    Finally getting back into the hobby after a 3 year hiatus. Starting up a 140 cube dimension 36x36x25. Purchased from glasscages with 40 gallon sump, stand and canopy. Still trying to figure out where to place the tank in my house and need some structural advice if possible. First off, the tank will be on the second floor. My floor joists are 2x9's 16" on center. One spot I am thinking abut would place the tank against an outside wall but parallel to the joists sitting across 2 joists for sure. Does it matter with a cube whether placement is parallel or perpendicular? Either way it seems I would be spreading the load across 2 joists. Total weight when everything is up and running is estimated at 2100 lbs.

    Any advice is welcome and appreciated. Do I need a structural engineer??


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    Not an engineer but welcome back
    You never know unless you ask,,

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    I have a 180g tank sitting the same way you do. Its not really ideal but it works for me. I just put a of support joist next to each one to make sure they can handle the load. Its been 6 years and all is good
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