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Thread: 2017 Buckeye Reef Marine Expo

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    2017 Buckeye Reef Marine Expo

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    If You Have Neve Been to a Frag Swap Before Check out this Video from a previous swap to get an idea of all the fun that you will have

    Vendors from around the country come to sell coral (much of which are the amazing corals that you see online not the bland common stuff that you see at your LFS - Local Fish Store).

    It is also a great way to meet old friends and make new friends that are in the hobby.

    You will find the hottest Zoanthids, Acros, Acans, Chalices, etc. all at great prices!

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    That didn't take long... Get your booths now they're going quick.

    Coral Reef,
    Zoanthid Garden,
    MT Reefs
    Cherry Corals with two booths,

    Paid but not added to the layout yet.
    R&R Corals,
    Summit City Coral,

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    To donate to the Buckeye Reef 2017 Raffle Please mail your donations to.

    Buckeye Reef
    16600 Tyler Rd.
    Bowling Green, OH 43402

    I encourage all members to send this post to all your favorite vendors to help this great cause.


    This years raffle proceeds at the 2017 Expo (March 11, 2017) will be 100% donated to non-profit Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium.

    My wife and I visited their facility in Florida last summer and were blown away at the work they're doing. They have marine hospitals, education programs, sea turtle conservation, and coral restoration. We saw their volunteers out on the beach monitoring sea turtle nests bright and early in the mornings.

    I encourage everyone to visit the Mote Marine website and see what they're all about. What they're doing is what Buckeye Reef is all about. I couldn't be happier to be part of their great cause.

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    Summit City Corals

    Labo's Aquatics

    West Mariculture

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    Last year's was great. Really looking forward to this year's.

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    Filling up quick!

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    We will have Reef Crystals for 40$ per 200 gallon box at the expo. Should we get 100 or 200 boxes? Do you think 200 boxes will sell?

    Post here how many you plan to purchase.

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    The Coral Dudes


    Motor City Corals

    Wise Corals

    Coral Addict

    CJ Corals

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    Added: Acroculture

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