So my Reef Breeders Photon 16-V2 came in the mail today. This is replacing my Ocean Revive T-247B. Here a a few pictures of the unboxing and initial thoughts.

Ocean Revive


Initial impressions:

The unit is super clean and well designed. Very stylish and feels super sturdy. It was nice that it hung from the same hanging kit I had with my Ocean Revive, so no drilling holes for new hooks [emoji2]! It did come with legs and separate screws to mount to a track lighting setup.

I am lighting a 60 gallon tank (30x18x24).

It was pretty easy to setup. Plug in and it fires right up with a preprogrammed settings. No actual controls are on the physical unit. Everything is controlled via the rechargeable remote seen in the pictures. There are 5 separate lighting settings (Sunny, Cloudy, Moon, Custom, and Manual). Each have preprogrammed settings that can be adjusted to your liking.

I think there will be a fine tuning process involved. The Sunny, Cloudy, Manual, and Moon settings do not dim at all. If set they remain that setting and only turn off if you turn the unit off with the remote or change the lighting mode. You can adjust each of the 6 channels independently in each mode.

In the custom setting, you can adjust each channel (channels 1-6; red, green, white, violet, blue, and light blue?) to change hour by hour for a 24 hour period. It's a little time consuming to set up, but they do have a preprogrammed schedule already input if you want to run that. The one thing I found a little irritating was that the manual did not specify which channel was which color. It would have been nice to either have it in the remote, or listed in the manual. Easily resolved with pen and paper.

Here are a few pictures of the 24 hour schedule

(I have altered the lighting schedule to have a shorter photo period)

Other than the channels not being labeled, I'm am happy with the unit so far. Will get a par meter and list the readings as soon as possible.

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