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Thread: Louisville Coral Framers Market This coming Saturday

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    Louisville Coral Framers Market This coming Saturday

    November 21st Noon till 5pm

    St. Thomas Fellowship Hall
    9616 Westport Road
    Louisville, Kentucky 40241

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    Looks awesome! Wish I could make it.

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    For those who might have forgot the Midwest Coral Farmers market 2 years ago in Dayton brought in some cool corals from places far and near. Plus how many folks can say they got to meet Steve Tyree. Love him or hate him he was a pioneer in our hobby. His marketing began a wave which resulted in some of the coolest craziest corals coming into our hobby.

    If you can make this event it would be a great boost to the Louisville club. These guys are great people who have kept their club alive through some tough times. Always been good supporters of our shows too, I've sat next to them many times. I have also scored some killer stuff at their events (my very first Meteor Shower Cyphastrea back in 2007 just a few months after AtlantisAquarium sold the Louisville dude the seed frag), but I digress....

    Happy Reefing!


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    Kurt thank you. Yes I started LMAS in 1983 An was president for years. I have known Steve before he was the SPS guy. Just a dedicated hobbyist which he has always been. This is the beginning of the next chapter of the club. We have big plans for the future. An want to work with Cincy and Lexington clubs to have great events for our area.
    I am a mod for club presidents and officer forum we have started on R2R to help clubs work together to make all clubs.

    Wanted to make you aware there is a private club leaders forum on R2R now.

    Go to the above link to be approved for entry.

    We want to get club leaders together to help solve problems all clubs battle meeting attendance and engagement. As well as event scheduling and raffle prizes.

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