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Thread: NWIMAC Frag fest 2015

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    NWIMAC Frag fest 2015

    NWIMAC Frag Fest 2015
    Hey everyone we are 2 months away!
    The swap will be September 20th at Woodland Park in Portage, In
    It's at the same location as last years swap.
    $5 entry for ages 13 and over
    NWIMAC members with full membership will be free extra along with their family
    We will have goodie bags being handed out at the door to the first 200 entries
    We are keeping everyone updated through our Facebook event page which can be found here

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    Here is our swap flyer

    And here is a map showing the location of the swap. It was found when entering "woodland park" into an iPhone GPS app

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    Hey everyone we've been busy getting this years swap planned. Here's some details for this years swap

    This year the swap will be September 20th back at woodland park in portage
    We've secured Bob Fenner to be our guest speaker.
    Entry will be $5 for ages 13 and up
    Nwimac members and their family will receive free entry when showing their club member card ( if you've paid your dues and not received your card let me know.)
    Our swap will be from Noon till 4pm
    Bob Fenner will be doing a presentation from 1:30-2:30
    We will be doing the raffle at 3:15.
    We've receive many awesome donations and they are as follows.
    CoralRx donated 200 single dip packages that will be in the entry bags.

    Aquacraft donated 200 copies of their September 2015 issue of Marine aquarist for the entry bags. And Bob Fenner is featured in this issue!

    The United Pet Group donated some awesome things this year

    Aqua Ultraviolet donated a UV sterilizer

    Custom Aquariums donated their H2Overflow along with the drill kit

    Vendor The Reef Junkie donated a gently used dosing pump

    Red Sea sent an amazing donation box today

    List of confirmed vendors
    Insane Coral
    MT Reefs
    Divine Aquatic Supply
    A Little Piece of Ocean Jamie Myers
    Dirks Dry Goods
    Tyler Ball
    Aznuttys Saltwater Connection
    The Reef Junkies
    Ladies Frag Swapping
    Mermaids Cove
    LaBo's Aquatics
    Exotic Aquatics

    David G
    Paul Schneider
    BigEvil1 aka Mike Bakker
    Royce Holder

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    Hey all, some more updates for you.
    Again this year NWIMAC purchased notepads. These will go to the first 250 paid entries and Nwimac members to enter the swap.

    One of our hobbyists, Mike Bakker aka bigEvil1, has donated a frag of Jason Fox My Miami Chalice to the raffle. It currently has 8 eyes with another month to grow. Picture is an example of My Miami and not actual frag.
    Valued at $300

    We've also receive an amazing donation for the raffle from Kessil.

    We've also received a donation from Omegasea LLC.

    We are also placing an order for club shirts. If you'd like to preorder your shirt and have it waiting for you at the swap please let me know.

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    We have received flyers. If you have a store and would be able to setup flyers in your store for customers to see, please let me know. I can get them mailed to you.

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