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Thread: 120 In wall Corner View

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    120 In wall Corner View

    She's been up and running for a few months now. Been putting the finishing touches on the build and equipment. I'll give it another month or so and start adding corals once I'm happy with everything and coraline starts to grow well.


    120 Gallon Aqueon non-drilled
    Glass-Holes 1500GPH overflow
    40 Gallon acrylic DIY Sump
    50 Gallon acrylic refugium
    ASM G3 mod recirculating skimmer
    2 x Jebao 250W heaters
    Fluval SP4 Return pump
    Jebao Rw-8 and WP-10 in display (Both powerheads on APC BR1500G UPS backup) currently 3 hours battery run, plan on getting the extended battery module that will 4x that.
    150lbs Fiji and Tonga rock
    120 Lbs Caribsea Special grade seaflor sand
    2 x Reef Radiance DM-165e lights
    Apex Controller
    LSM Module w/ 4 Lunar LEDs
    Avast Marine ATO system

    Current Livestock:
    2 x Ocellaris Clowns
    Bangaii Cardinal
    Orange Spot Watchman
    2x Chromis
    Fire Tail Blenny
    McCosker's Flasher Wrasse
    Tiger Pistol Shrimp
    Cleaner Shrimp
    Snails & Scarlet Hermits

    Started a long time ago:

    It was originally a freshwater tank

    Changed over to Salt





    Some Fishy Pictures

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    Looking good. In wall's are sweet!

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    It looks good, I like the fact that your fish room is behind it.

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    Looks awesome! I'd love to build an in wall tank sometime in the future.

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    Beautiful setup! The in wall in awesome, love that you can see from two sides.

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    Been a while since I have done anything with the tank really. Only thing I have done since these pictures is change out the skimmer to a Reef Octopus. I could never get the ASM G3 recirculating tuned in right.

    I decided this week to order some new lights. I'm not happy with the Reef radiance LEDs. I've have the tank up and running for almost a year and I've had 0 coraline growth in the display. I have Coraline growing in the refugium under the 5000K LED bulbs and not where I want it. So I ordered a couple ballasts and the rest of the stuff to build a 4 x 54W T5HO fixture. I'm starting out with just 4 bulbs but plan on making the fixture large enough to accommodate 6 if I want to add. I still don't have any corals because I was waiting for Coraline to grow. I used T5s in the past on my 125 and 47 and I was happy with them, so time to go back to what I know.

    The only thing I seem to be able to grow well is algae, lol. I have green film in the display a little GHA in the display and a lot of GHA and some cyano under the macro in the refugium. I need to get on a better water change schedule, just seems like I'm always busy and forget about them. I placed a Reef Cleaners order this morning as I have never really had more than a handful of astrea snails in the tank.

    Once I get the algae under control I plan on starting to add some corals and a few more fish. My friend has 3 small Yellow tangs in a 90 and offered me to take one as they are starting to get too big for his tank.

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