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Thread: UC Reefers 150g

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    UC Reefers 150g

    Just figured I would post a link to some new really high res pictures I got of the tank. Its a 150g display 40g sump. Mostly soft and lps corals, but a few sps. The tank has been running about a year and a half.


    2 Clowns
    1 Sailfin Tang
    1 Bengaii Cardinal
    1 Green Target Mandarin
    3 Lyretail Anthias'
    1 Blue Spotted Goby w/ Pistol
    2 Yellowtail Damsels


    2 Red Bubble Tip Anemone
    1 Blue Tux Urchin
    1 Blood Shrimp
    1 Pistol Shrimp


    Skimmer: SRO 3000Int
    GFO/Carbon: BRS Jumbo GFO/Carbon combined
    Return: Mag-18
    Circulation: 4 Hydor Koralia 1400
    Lighting: ATI 6 Bulb T5
    Bulbs: 2 B+; 2 Actinic; 1 Purple +; 1 Coral +

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    Looks like a great start, I liked the width (front to back) of that tank. Give a lot of swimming room. What are the future plans for the tank?

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    Well as of today(plans changing on the daily ha) my plans are to plumb my spare 55g tank into the system. I want to turn it into a display grade refugium. Also I want to get two more tangs but i'm a little hesitant due to hearing bad stories about introducing more tangs to a tank with one really dom tang already there.

    I also plan on getting more liverock (BRS Pukani most likely) for the right side of the tank, not b/c of aesthetics as much as just more room for livestock to hide/sleep. Iv noticed the anthias fighting a lot at the end of the night for the good spots ha.

    And of course I plan on getting every peice of bare rock covered in beautiful coral... While I love the colors of sps I also really appreciate the flow and fluidity of soft and lps. Also compared to my sps' in the past they grow a lot better in my tank.

    A little backstory for you guys. I just finally won a long and arduous war with cyano.. I blame bad husbandry, not changing rodi out, and not having my skimmer tuned in correctly for the cause but I think i'v learned a lot about how to keep the tank in good working order from the experience. I only lost a couple corals and my lawnmower blenny to the bacteria, but one of the corals lost was my favorite in the tank. It was a green/purple elegance coral(pics below) that my clowns were hosting, which made it that more devastating watching them attempting to host the corals skeleton before i got the the red bubble tip..

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