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Thread: H2O2 to the Rescue (again)

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    When you say a cup of tank water to 1-2 capfulls of H2O2 are you referring to a measuring cup or just a small container

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    H2O2 to the Rescue (again)

    I mean the cap of the H2O2 bottle. Which isn't more than 3-4 mL. I wouldn't do more than 1/2 TEAspoon to 1 cup tank water. I will work on getting more exact measurements.

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    thank you

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    I have been using h2o2 to treat frags and small rock that have hair algae on them. I cut the h2o2 in half with salt water and then drop the coral/rock in for about 5 min. i have dipped sps, zoa, maxi carpets, no bad effects yet minus on a monti satosa, it paled out pretty good. The HA will bubble like crazy and 2-3 days later it will all be gone form the frag/rock.

    PLEASE read up on this if you want to attempt it on your tank.

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    I bought a pink birds nest SPS a while back. When I got it home I saw it had a spot of hair algae growing within its branches. The algae spread through the branches. Can I use the H202 dip on the SPS safely to kill the algae?

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    I have dipped sps in h2o2 at about 50/50 mix. I have never dipped birds nest so not sure how it would react. You might want to try a weaker solution like 25/75 and see how if reacts first. you could also break of a small branch as a test frag and see how it handles the dip.

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