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Thread: Moving Sale....Everything must go!

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    Moving Sale....Everything must go!

    I am moving in a couple of weeks and I considered trying to move everything over to the new house, but it's just too risky. I don't want to lose everything, so I'm going to sell it all in the hopes that everything will continue to live a healthy, happy life.

    Here is what I have for sale:

    (4) Rose Bulb Anemone
    - (1) ~4" - $50
    - (2)~1.5" - $20 each
    - (1)~2" - $25

    Pink-Tip Condy ~ 6" $25

    Elegance Coral ~3" $50

    Branching Hammer (3 heads) $10

    Brain Coral, Trachyphyllia, Blue and Pink ~6" $60

    Duncanopsammia Coral ~ 10 heads $30

    Frogspawn 3 heads $25

    Blastomussa (red) ~ 10 heads, (purple) 1 head $50 for both

    Galaxy Coral ~2" $20

    Pink and Red Acan ~2" $30

    Pom-Pom Coral (Whole Rock - light pink) ~12" $50

    Anthelia Waving Hand (Whole Rock - purple) ~18" $60

    Red Mushrooms (rock w/ about 10 smaller mushrooms on it) $30

    Ricordea Mushroom frag with 3 neon orange mushrooms on it $25

    Starburst Polyp $15

    Montipora Coral orange and green ~2" $10 each

    3 SPS frags. I'll let these go cheap because they've lost some of their color. They are decent size corals two I;m not sure what they are and one is
    Pocillopora which is about the size of my fist. all three for $20

    1 huge skunk cleaner shrimp ~3" $25

    1 peppermint shrimp ~1.5" $10

    1 huge brittle star ~ 12" $15

    1 conch ~3" $10

    assorted blue and red hermit crabs and snails ~ 25-30 $25

    1 blue Chromis $5

    3 tank raised clownfish $20

    1 black clown $50

    1 yellow tailed damsel $10

    1 sea urchin $25

    1 fanged tooth blenny $15

    1 wheelers shrimp goby $12

    1 green mandarin goby (please understand the feeding requirements before buying, I've had this guy a while and he has always been fat from copepods. I usually order some every other month. If your tank is less than a year old I will not sell him to you) $20

    I'll sell everything in the tank for $750 if interested. I will post pictures shortly. I just wanted to get this up as quick as possible.

    Everything is first come, first serve. Send me a PM if interested in anything.

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    waiting on pics...

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    For some reason I can't get the files to upload. I can text or email photos to anyone if they are interested. Prices are negotiable most things. My main concern is that goes to a good home. I'm just trying to reclaim some of the money I have in everything.


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    I am interested in fish please call or txt me at 5137630102 thanks

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    if you can catch all of the crabs, I will take them

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    pmed about coral...
    210gal mixed reef display

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    Is there any way to find out what is still left?
    Don't sweat the small stuff, life is too short

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    Man, Id LOVE LOVE LOVE to get one of those anemones but I think our tank is still too young. Ugh.

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    Last I heard he was keeping what he had left for his next set up. ???
    You never know unless you ask,,

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