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Thread: Bio Pellets 101

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    Bio Pellets 101

    Bio pellets have been around for about 2 years now and the understanding of how to properly use them is starting to come out a bit more now. I know this video pushes Reef Dynamics bio pellet reactor, but it also has great information on bio pellets. I personally believe they got it right. It is way better to be able to control the water flow both the recirculate pump and the out take of the reactor separately. Anyways if you have 40 min to kill check out these great educational videos on bio pellets.

    Video 1

    Video 2

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    180g Reef DT
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    75g Frag

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    Thanks Eric, just reading this old post.

    Do u think bio pellets may work in 29 gal saltwater cube in place of some reactor? and how so?
    I back refuge I have heater, skimmer, live rubble charcoal and sponges hoping to fit greens as well.
    I do acrylic and can design a pull out as I've done before.
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