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Thread: Buy, Sell, Trade Guidelines

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    Buy, Sell, Trade Guidelines

    The purpose of the classifieds forum is for hobbyists to sell a few items. It is not intended for the sale of items for profit. Businesses, formal or not, may not post in this forum.

    Member Benefit
    Selling in the BST forums is a member benefit. Non-members are welcome to reply to posts to BUY items for sell, but we don't want our forums to turn into a Craig's List for people that aren't active in the club. If all you want to do is sell your stuff, we recommend you do so there.

    Examples of acceptable uses:
    • Selling a used lighting system, pump, aquarium, etc.
    • Selling a few extra coral frags that you grew out in your aquarium.
    • Selling a few pieces of new equipment that you didn't need.
    • Selling a few items you've built, such as a canopy, reactor, skimmer.

    **Note- The Cincyreef staff reserves the right to remove your post if they feel it crosses these guidelines.

    Prohibited uses:
    • Selling large quantities of corals, frags, "frag packs," or new equipment.
    • Advertising items for sale at a business website
    • Advertising auctions
    • Posting items for sale on a daily and/or weekly basis.
    • Hijacking a thread to sell your own items


    • Tank breakdown/downsizing.
    • All items must be in one thread (equipment, tank, frags, fish, etc.)
    • No new items can be added after the initial post is made.
    • It is the obligation of the thread starter to update their thread as items sell and to bump it to the top.

    Unsolicited negative or argumentative comments about items for sale, or prices of items, are not permissible. Violation of this rule may result in revocation of classified forum access, suspension of posting ability, or account suspension

    Postings that conflict with these rules will be removed at the discretion of the staff. Reprimands will be carried out according to the following:
    • Warning – An official warning will be sent clearly stating why you are receiving the warning.
    • Suspension – A 90 day suspension will be placed upon your account. During this time, you will not be able to use your username on the site.
    • Banning – This will be for a period of 180 days. During this time, you will not be able to use your username on the site or participate in any club functions or events.
    • All subsequent violations will result in another 180 day ban. The board also reserves the right to ban an individual for an infinite amount of time if they feel necessary
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