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Thread: Welcome to the "Getting Started" Forum!

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    Welcome to the "Getting Started" Forum!


    This is an area exclusively for new people to ask questions. We hope that in time this will become more of a database than a place to ask questions. An area where new people can search through and find alot of answers without having to ask, and without having to dig through the general forum to find information relivant to new people.

    Also if we see a thread posted in the general forum that would be a good read for new people the thread may find it's way in here.

    -The Management

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    I am glad i found you guys i have found much info already just buy reading i hope to meet new friends in the future thank all for letting me join

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    I hope you enjoy the site. If you need any advice feel free to ask.

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    Welcome aboard lillchuck, you are close to me, if you need a hand, dont be afraid to ask for some........good to have you aboard
    Toby "Toast" Thorman,
    Not tired anymore, starting over feels good

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    UP & RUNNING SAgain . . . . . Check them out . . . . .

    I am up and running pics of Big diy, right tank was leaking after sitting for 3 years, so its empty right now. Left QT tank w/own fuge and own system, ready as well. Pump, skimmer and algae scrubber ready as well. Main tank scaped and ready for inhabitants. Macro algae in refugium, tomorrow is installing the Calk, Phosban, and charcoal reactors to finish up.
    Second tank scaped, for clown breeding tank. 46 gal corner bow front, drilled with fuge. Already houses 2 designer clowns, 3 rainbow bubble tip anemonies that the clowns are so far afraid of, a yellow wrasse, 2 hermits and couple green star polyp corals along with a couple small macro algae strategically places.
    Pics to follow as tanks progress.

    Sorry but pictures to come as need to take w/ phone and send in.

    Thanks for reading.
    I am now looking for corals of lps, softies, mushrooms, no SPS please, etc. Cleaner crews, and fish, hint, hint.

    If anyone has some good deals please let me know, Thanks, Nancy
    Half the fun is creating and building it!
    ReefTigerGal >(((({:>

    (90 Gal. reef, w/2 species tanks & 6' sump, DIY & stand + canopy, post in showroom.) 45 corner, Breeder Clown tanks, Rotifers, DIY's, Acrylics

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