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Thread: Deal on Zoos

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    Deal on Zoos

    I picked up some nice Zoos from JAF over the weekend. They had several huge colonies, but since it was my first zoos I wanted to start out small. They volunteered to break a frag off for me and sell it. The club member that works at aquatic interiors/JAF was the one who did it, (Jeremy, I think.) Anyway, they are purple zoos on maybe a 5" piece of rock for $20. I decided to count the polyps last night and there were 62 on it! I think I really got a good deal. I'd like some more zoos, but I can't seem to find nice looking ones anywhere else. I'd also be happy to break off a few polyps for a zoo frag trade, but I really don't know what I'm doing yet, and I wouldn't want to damage the colony.

    If anyone has any colonies that are getting out of hand and need to trim them up a little I would glady take donations at the next meeting. [/i]

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    I also have had JAF frag me some of their zoo colonies in the past... I think its great how they take the time to help us out by fragging small pieces. Especially for us with smaller tank, those huge colonies they have would take up my entire tanK! Im not sure what kind they fragged for you, but Im always interested in trading small frags. (frags with anywhere from 3-10 polyps) Im going to try to bring some to the meeting...
    -Jeff Fries-

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