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  1. 50+ products on Sale & Clearance

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    Urgent Alert On Hawaiian Fish!

    Urgent Alert On Hawaiian Fish!

    As you are likely aware, there have been many challenges over the years designed to stop the collection of ornamental fish from Hawaiian waters. Despite the fact...
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    $1.00 Live Rock

    Who needs some low cost live rock? We have around 300 pounds to unload. It's from a customer tank about a year ago. Super cured but not much coralline. Selling for $1.00 a pound. These are all nice...
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    Livestock Update 9/16/2017

    The summer might almost be over, but that doesn't stop Premium Aquatics from having the hottest livestock around!! We are super excited to offer a few rarities in the industry this weekend for our...
  5. Reef Glass Nano Skimmer Giveaway

    Who wants to win a brand new Reef Glass Nano Skimmer?
    Enter between now and September 30th for a chance to win the Reef Glass Nano Protein Skimmer. To enter just click this link and enter your...
  6. 20% OFF Prodibio & RedSea | 25% OFF Vertex V6 Pump

    20% OFF
    Prodibio Additives & Medicines
    Prodibio is packaged in ampoule glass single-dose under an inert atmosphere. These vials are tinted to protect the active ingredients in their products from...
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    Livestock Update 9/9/2017

    It has been another great week here at Premium Aquatics everyone! We have once again brought in some beautiful fish for the weekend, and have some new corals for you to choose from as well. Take a...
  8. Last minute deals! 12% OFF Tunze Entire Line...

    Last minute deals!

    12% OFF Tunze
    Entire Line On SALE
    From scrappers to pumps, all Tunze items on sale.
    Ends Midnight EST 9/4/2017

    20% OFF...
  9. OVER 50 products on Sale & Clearance

    DONíT forget to check these deals out!

    Make sure to check out all the items here:
  10. 15% OFF Storewide Labor Day Sale

    15% OFF all non MAP items. Click HERE for more info on Exclusions and exceptions for this sale. No coupon needed, prices shown online.
    Ends Midnight EST 9/14/2017 ...
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    Summer End Coral and Fish sale

    Premium Aquatics would like to send our thoughts and prayers to those effected by Hurricane Harvey last week. Please consider donating to the disaster relief efforts at the link below....
  12. 10% OFF Neptune Systems + Storewide Savings

    In celebration of the 2017 Macna Conference we are having a 10% OFF Storewide sale. You do not need to be at the show to receive the discount.
    *Excludes MAP Manufactures...
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    Livestock Update 8/26/2017

    Hope everyone didnít look directly into the sun after that Eclipse, and can still come check out our great selection of livestock!

    Here is some of what Premium Aquatics has in store this weekend...
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    Premium Aquatics @ MACNA 2017

    Brandon is going to be at MACNA 2017 in New Orleans, Louisiana from August 25-27! He will have some goody bags with PA merchandise, but if you find him he will also have a 5% off INSTANT rewards...
  15. Lens of Time: Secrets of Schooling

    Vid is a little lengthy, but still interesting!
    Comment below to share what kind of schooling fish you have in your tank, or what your favorite is!...
  16. 40% OFF Coral Colonies & 20% OFF Aquaculture Fish

    Premium Aquatics has a beautiful selection of fish once again this week at some amazing prices!! From the Flame Angels on special at ONLY $39.99 to the Carpenter's Wrasse and all of the gobies and...
  17. Bashsea scratch and dent sump $390

    Great deal on a Bashsea scratch and dent sump!! This is a $450 sump we have listed at $390. There is only one of these, so make sure you order now or stop in Saturday (8/19/2017) during our walk in...
  18. Introducing The Vectra S1 by Ecotech

    Vectra - The World's Smartest Return Pump
    At 1400gph flow and up to 11.5 head height, this is sure to be a very popular DC pump for small to mid size aquariums. We are expecting our first shipment...
  19. 40% OFF Maricultured Coral Combo Rocks

    Another week of beautiful fish, corals and inverts here at Premium Aquatics! We have from the unique Peacock Mantis Shrimp to the reef friendly firefish gobies, cardinals and Yellow Tangs in stock...
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    HUGE Vertex Omega Skimmer SALE

    Vertex Omega Protein Skimmers
    30% OFF all Omega Skimmer models. To redeem your instant rewards, enter coupon code: Omega5 at checkout.
    Limited to stock on hand....
  21. 50 products on sale and clearance

    DONíT forget to check these deals out!

    Make sure to check out all the items here:
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    Livestock Update 8.5.17

    Premium Aquatics have another great shipment this week for you to check out Indiana!! There are some unique inverts and some really cool fish this week. To pair with the great selection we have in,...
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    New Bonsai Reef Frag Trees

    Bonsai Reef Frag Trees
    Free standing bonsai style reefscape structures that that offer great water flow and room for many corals. Removable and interchangeable shelves. We are stocking 12 different...
  24. New Hanna TDS Monitors / Tester

    Is your RODI water really near zero TDS?
    It's best practice to monitor the water in your storage reservoir to make sure contamination, TDS, or unwanted particles don't get added back into your...
  25. Livestock Update Including Sustainable Aquatics

    Premium Aquatics has brought in a gorgeous shipment of aqua-cultured fish in this week from Sustainable Aquatics! A few highlights include a trio of bright colored dottybacks (Neon, Orchid and...
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