Get ready for a flippin' good time! Please mark your calendars for Saturday, July 21st at 12 Noon for our Annual Summer Grill Out! Join us at the Deer Shelter at Keehner Park, 7411 Barret Rd, West Chester Township, OH 45069. Details to follow!


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  1. Livestock Update 7/19/18 - Promo 4 Cleanup Crew

    Another great week here at Premium Aquatics with beautiful fish and aqua-cultured corals once again. Stop in for tank raised hammers, candy canes, rose bubble tip anenomes and more this Saturday. ...
  2. New Innovative Marine Products + Icecap Salinity Tester in Stock

    Innovative Ghost Protein Skimmer - Midsize, reg 199.99, SALE $99.99
    Innovative Ghost Protein Skimmer - Full Size, reg 299.99, SALE $149.99
  3. Click the link below to our YouTube page to find...

    Click the link below to our YouTube page to find out the winners to our 2,500 subscriber Contest! Thank you to everyone who participated.
  4. Hot Weather= Hot Deals - Flame Angels for $39.99

    This has been another great week here at Premium Aquatics while we fight the Indiana heat! We have a few great specials and another batch of beautiful fish and corals once again. Come and see us...
  5. Congratulations to "Robert Hausser" for winning...

    Congratulations to "Robert Hausser" for winning the Reef Octopus Octo Pulse 2
  6. Congratulations to "Kyle Mench" for winning the...

    Congratulations to "Kyle Mench" for winning the Hanna Checker High Range Copper
  7. NEW GIVEAWAY: Santa Monica Filtration HOG1 Algae Scrubber

    In Today's video we take a look at the HOG1 Algae Scrubber from Santa Monica Filtration which is available at Premium Aquatics.

    HOG1 Algae Scrubber:
  8. Local 15% OFF*Fish or Corals 7/7/2018

    Premium Aquatics would like to wish all of our reefing friends and family a happy holiday week! We have definitely had a great week here at the shop. Thank you all for your orders during our 4th of...
  9. 15% OFF 4th of July Sale + MAP Specials

    15% OFF SALE
    We had a programming issue earlier today where the 15% off was not working, this issue is now resolved and should see the discounts online now. Sorry for the error.
    Ends at Midnight...
  10. NEW GIVEAWAY: Reef Octopus Octo Pulse 2

    In Today's video we take a look at the Octo Pulse 2 Wave Pump from Reef Octopus available at Premium Aquatics.

    Octo Pulse 2 Wave Pump:

    The new Octo Pulse 2 is...
  11. New Wild Caught & Aqua Cultured Fish Shipment

    Premium Aquatics has dodged the heat this week by ordering in our livestock earlier in the week. We have not one, but 2 batches of beautiful fish in for the weekend. There is a gorgeous array of...
  12. Congratulations to "Mark Turgeon" for winning the...

    Congratulations to "Mark Turgeon" for winning the CPR Aquatic AeroForce Protein Skimmer
  13. NEW GIVEAWAY: Premium Aquatics 2500 Subscriber Contest

    Here's our 2,500 subscriber giveaway! First of all, Thank you for being a subscriber, now it's time to give back. We'll be giving away 25 $100.00 gift certificates to

  14. Livestock update 6/21/18 and Doorbuster Deals!!

    Indiana has finally gotten some much deserved rain this week, but that hasn't stopped Premium Aquatics from stocking up this week! We have some awesome livestock pouring in this week from corals to...
  15. Neptune WAV Pump Promo Sale + FREE SHIPPING OVER $19.00

    FREE SHIPPING with orders OVER $19.00

    Summer Price Drop on Single WAV and WAV Starter Kits!
    As a summer promotion, we are offering a...
  16. NEW GIVEAWAY Hanna Checker High Range Copper

    In Today's video we take a look at the Hanna checker High Range Copper Colorimeter available at Premium Aquatics.

    Hanna Checker High Range Copper:

    The HI702...
  17. Local Walk-ins Closed for Father's Day 6/16/18 - Online 12% off SALE!!

    Premium Aquatics would like to wish all of the reefing dad's out there a Happy Father's Day!! Our local walk in showroom will be closed on 6/16/18 to celebrate, and we apologize for any...
  18. Replies

    Did You Win Our Giveaway?

    Sorry for the delay reefers, but here are the winners for our past giveaways!

    Congratulations to "Marco Diaz" for winning the Bubble Magus Filter Roller
    Congratulations to “Bob Weltsch” for...
  19. 12% OFF Fathers Day Starts NOW + MAP SPECIALS

    Enjoy 12% OFF all weekend long. Ends EST Midnight 6-17-2018
    *Excludes MAP Items

    20% OFF
    Aquaforest Salt, Additives and Test...
  20. NEW GIVEAWAY CPR Aquatic AeroForce Protein Skimmer

    In today's video we take a look at the CPR AeroForce 2 dual-body dual pump HOB protein skimmer.

    The AeroForce 2 utilizes some of CPR's revolutionary hang-on designs from its BakPak series...
  21. OPEN Box Specials: Apogee, AquaForest, AI, AquaMaxx



  22. Livestock update 6/9/18 - Saturday 20% off Flash Sale

    Premium Aquatics will be closed on June 16th for Father's Day, so make sure to stock up this weekend everyone! We are offering 20% off fish and corals this Saturday 6/9 from 12-3pm. Premium brought...
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    New Octo Pulse Pumps are HERE!

    Octo Pulse 2 & 4 Wave Pump
    The new Octo Pulse is a fully controllable flow pumps that moves up to 1600 and 4500gph and consumes no more than 10 and 32 watts of power in the process. The broad flow...
  24. NEW Hanna Copper Tester + 50% OFF Seapora & Easy Reefs

    Hanna High Range Copper
    Colorimeter - Checker HC
    Hanna is pleased to announce that their HI702 High Range Copper Checker has been evaluated as accurate for use in saltwater. Results were tested...
  25. NEW GIVEAWAY Bubble Magus Filter Roller

    Today we are taking a look at the Bubble Magus Filter Roller available at Premium Aquatics. Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe and hit the bell to stay up to date.

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