Get ready for a flippin' good time! Please mark your calendars for Saturday, July 21st at 12 Noon for our Annual Summer Grill Out! Join us at the Deer Shelter at Keehner Park, 7411 Barret Rd, West Chester Township, OH 45069. Details to follow!


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    Anyone have wall scrapes

    I just found out that in order to grow coralline algae you have to introduce it to your tank .

    Anyone have coralline algae scrapes from their glass wall that they can share with me for free?
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    need to create a section

    I'm trying to finish up my sump and need to create a section for my filter socks. I've cracked three acrylic sheets trying to put 2, 3.75" holes in them (ugg). I called three glass and sign shops...
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