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    If you would like to suggest an additional Aquarium Product Manufacturer/Online Vendor or report corrections/updates, contact the club secretary or email support@cincyreef.com.

    A & M Aquatics
    A Reef Creation
    AAT Fabrication, Inc.
    Acan Lighting
    Algae Free
    Air, Water & Ice
    Aqua Art Aquariums
    Aqua Buys
    AquaC Inc.
    Aqua Cave
    Aqua Digital
    Aqua Euro USA
    Aqua FX
    Aqua Horizon
    Aqua Illumination
    Aqua Life Aquarium
    Aqua Medic
    Aquadyne Computer Corp
    Aquarium Etc.
    Aquarium Fish International
    Aquarium Pharmaceuticals
    Aquarium Specialty
    Aquarium Technology Inc.
    Aquatic Connection (AquaCon)
    Aquatic Eco-Systems, Inc.
    Aquatic House
    Aquatic Life
    Aquatic Specialists
    Aquatica Reef Supply
    Bio Aquatics
    Blue Life
    Blue Moon Aquatics
    Boston Aqua Farms
    Boyd Enterprises
    BRI Aquatic Cabinets
    Brightwell Aquatics
    Brine Shrimp Direct
    Buckeye Field Supply
    Bulk Reef Supply
    CAD Lights
    Captain Nemo's Aquarium
    Captive Reef
    Caribsea, Inc.
    Central Pet
    Champion Lighting & Supply
    Cherry Corals
    Chief Reef
    Chuan Lai Enterprise Co., Ltd.
    Clams Direct
    Classic Cabinet Company
    Clearseal Aquarium Manufacturers
    Coast to Coast Custom Aquariums
    Coral Magazine
    Coral Morphologic
    Coral Ranch
    Coral RX
    Coral Reef Aquarium
    CPR Aquatic, Inc
    Current USA
    Custom Aquatic
    CustomSeaLife, Inc.
    D & D Marine Enterprises Inc.
    D-D The Aquarium Solution Ltd
    David's Tanks & Innovations
    Digital Aquatics
    Doni's Reef
    Dr. Mac's Pacific
    Dr. Tim's Aquatics
    Drs Foster & Smith
    DT's Phytoplankton
    Eco System Aquarium
    Eco-Aquatics Aquaculture
    Ecological Labratories, Inc.
    Economy Aquatic Gardens
    Ecotech Marine
    Emperor Aquatics
    ESV Aquarium Products
    Euro Reef
    Fin's Reef
    Fish Amore
    Fish and Other Ichthy Stuff
    Fish Heads, Inc.
    Fish Supply
    Fish Tanks Direct
    Florida Aqua Farms
    Fraggle Reef
    Gerber's Saltwater Warehouse
    Get Tanked Aquariums
    GHL Direct
    Glass Cages
    Guangdong Risheng Group Co. Ltd
    Gulf Coast Ecosystems
    Gulf Coast Reef and Aquaculture
    H2O Life, Inc.
    Hamilton Technology
    Hawkeye International
    Hello Lights
    Hydor USA
    Indo Pacific Sea Farms
    Inland Aquatics
    Instant Reef
    Island Aquatics
    Jebo Co. Ltd.
    Jeff's exotic fish
    Joe's Juice
    Just Fishit Aquatics
    Kent Marine
    LET Lighting
    Living Color Enterprises, Inc.
    Lucid Propagations
    Marc Weiss
    Marco Rocks
    Marine and Reef
    Marine Depot
    Marine Solutions
    Midwest Reefs
    Midwest Saltwater
    Mr. Coral
    My Reef Creations
    My Saltwater World
    Nano Customs
    National Fish Pharmaceuticals
    Neptune Systems
    No Sick Fish
    NT Laboratories
    Ocean Dreams
    Ocean Nutrition
    Ocean Pods
    Ocean's Blend
    Oceanic (Central Aquatics)
    Oceanic Systems
    Oceans Motions
    Old Town Aquarium
    Omega One
    Pacific East Aquaculture
    Pan World Americas
    Paul's Corals
    Pet Solutions
    Pet Warehouse
    Phishy Business
    Phyto Lady
    Piscine Energetics, Inc.
    Practical Coral Farming
    Precision Marine
    Premium Aquatics
    Pro Clear Aquatic Systems, Inc.
    Purely H20
    Radium NZ Lighting
    Rapid LED
    Reading Tree Publications
    Red Sea
    Reef Cleaners
    Reef Fanatic
    Reef Geek
    Reef Gently
    Reef Hobbyist Magazine
    Reef Kingdom
    Reef Koi Corals
    Reef Life Magazine
    Reef Nutrition
    Reef Results Marine
    Reef Savvy
    Reef Systems Coral Farms
    Reef Wholesale
    Reefer DNA
    RK2 Systems
    Rochester Reefs
    Rod's Food
    Rogge'rs Reef Food
    Saline Solutions Inc.
    Salt Lake Shoreline Aquaculture, LLC.
    Salt Water Critters
    Salty Critter
    Salty Supply
    Salty Underground
    San Fransisco Bay Brand
    Sandy's Pet Shop
    Sea Swirl
    Sea Trade Marine
    Sealand Holdings Co Ltd
    SeaQuest Marine
    SeaZen Reef
    Sicce USA
    Something Fishy
    Spectrapure Inc
    SunBrite Lighting
    Sunlight Supply
    Sustainable Aquatics
    Tampa Bay Saltwater
    TB Aquatics
    That Fish Place/That Pet Place
    The Animal House
    The Coral Reef
    The Cultured Reef
    The Reef Gardener
    Trilby Tropicals
    Tropic Marin
    Tropical Marine Centre
    Tropical Reef Corals
    Two Little Fishies
    Unique Corals
    Unique Sensations in Style
    UV Lighting Company
    Vitrea USA
    Vivid Aquariums
    Warner Marine
    Xiong Aquatics
    XM Lighting
    YZ Reef
    Zero Edge Aquariums
    Zoo Med

    About Our Club

    The Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society is a regional aquaria club with over 100 members from greater Cincinnati and the surrounding tri-state area. Our members range from beginner to expert and work together to fulfill the club’s motto, “Knowledge, Propagation, Interaction”. Our club interactions aim to increase knowledge of marine ecosystems, focusing on the husbandry and captive propagation of coral and reef inhabitants. We are a proud member of the Marine Aquarium Societies of North America.


    The formation of the Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society began around 1998 with a small group of passionate marine aquarists who utilized an online networking tool in an effort to connect with other hobbyists in greater Cincinnati.

    With the captive husbandry of corals still just beginning to grow, these aquarists were looking for ways to obtain captive-raised coral fragments propagated close to home. Their sporadic rendezvous to exchange coral fragments with fellow reefkeepers eventually led to informal group meetings. These meetings became invaluable opportunities to learn the methods, mistakes, and accomplishments of the increasing number of fellow marine aquarists in the tri-state area.

    In 2001, this small group of hobbyists formally founded The Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society to lay the framework for a resourceful, diverse, and connective club. Remembering these humble beginnings, The Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society always strives to preserve its neighborly roots while guiding and supporting its ever-growing number of members in the husbandry of their own coral reef aquaria.


    The third, climatic term in the motto of The Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society is "Interaction". Through interaction, the first and second terms in the motto ("Knowledge" and "Propagation", respectively) are accomplished. The club offers many exciting events throughout the year to assist, educate, and inspire its members.

    Every January, as we embark into the new year, the "Kick-Off Meeting" is held. Open to all, this event features an informative and exciting seminar with an authoritative marine aquarist. Past speakers include, Marc Levenson, Steven Pro, Mark Vera, and Anthony Calfo. The meeting concludes with a large raffle for members.
    Each month thereafter a club meeting is held, usually at a member's house. Here, after introductions and club announcements, members of the club discuss reefkeeping topics in a causal, inviting atmosphere. Some meetings may play host to various demonstrations, lectures, or hands-on activities and usually conclude with a small raffle of donations from club sponsors.

    In October, there is no meeting as the club hosts The Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society Annual Frag Swap. At the swap, hundreds of hobbyists from miles and miles around gather to exchange coral fragments propagated in their own aquaria. Club sponsors and vendors also set up booths. A very large, impressive raffle concludes the swap featuring hundreds of items donated by club sponsors, hobbyists, and national/international companies in the industry.

    In addition to these monthly events, occasional club field trips are held. Destinations have included the Newport Aquarium, various club sponsors, and other vendors in the area. Along with the family-friendly discussion forums at cincyreef.com, these events serve as the main facilitators of club interactions.

    The Future

    The view of a coral reef is, perhaps, the most captivating and awe-inspiring sight on earth. The fact that this environment, seemingly from a distant world, can be enclosed in a glass box and brought into our very homes is nothing short of incredible.

    As the marine aquarium industry continues to grow so does the responsibility of The Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society and its members to educate and support prospective hobbyists so they can successfully contribute to the hobby and enjoy the fruits of their labor. With this growth come unprecedented opportunities for thousands of individuals to study the specimens contained in marine aquaria, to perfect husbandry techniques, and to pursue captive propagation.

    With "Knowledge" of the marine ecosystem and the organisms within it, captive "Propagation" of marine species, and the "Interaction" of marine aquarists to share knowledge and techniques, the efforts of The Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society, other members of Marine Aquarium Societies of North America, and dedicated hobbyists the world over will sustain marine aquaria into the future.